hi all,

I been trying to establish Internet Connection Sharing from my laptop PC (windows xp pro) that connects to the internet using the local area connection (ethernet port) through DSL modem.
this laptop computer connects to the internet w/o any problem (works great)
the other laptop computer (windows xp home) has a wireless card (11g) , the other one (xp pro) too.
i did the network wizard as microsoft recomends, but did not work.
any idea would be more than apreciated.
thnks in advance

So, is the wireless connection working?

have a look here for more info

Thanks Bench.
I Fixed already. I dont know yet what the acctual problem was, but i went over and over till it worked.
As an IT Network Administrator, I can say that working on Winxp Home, is the worse.
By the way, yes, the network where fine (share, ping, etc.). But the acctual sharing (ICS) was the problem.
Once again, thanks alot for your help!

exactly right. that was the XP-HOME making the trouble. Pro version would have worked like a charm.