Whenever I click on IE, it comes up Page Not Found. This happens after I turn on the PC for the first time as well as after I've been away from the computer for a while and try to open a new browser. If I keep clicking repeatedly on the Refresh button, it eventually hits my homepage. This happens on my PC directly connected to my router (FIOS, fiber optic). But...this does not happen to the connection on my MAC which is connected wirelessly to the same router. Anyone have any idea???

i beleive your connection is going to sleep when there is no internet activity, maybe a default setting as part of the security for fios, check with verizon.

But if so, wouldn't this affect the other connections on my wireless network also?

not really. becaust that device is using another ip address, your default ip on the gateway is the oen being monitered.

Ok. Thank you. I will check with Verizon. I'll reply back when I've talked to them which will probably be Saturday (when I'm home during their hours).