Hello ppl ...
i've recently started studying about uncapping cable modem .... I've understood how to do it ... i mean ... i know the procedure .... and i also have all the required tools with me ....
but the problem is , am not able to make out how to use those tools ....
I hav QUERY.EXE , Docsis & SNMPWALK Tool .... But .... am not able to make out how to use thses tools ...

I have a video tutorial tht shows us how to use solarwinds SNMP ...
but .... Unfortunately , am not able to find tht software ....

So .. If u guys help me , i would really be thankful to u .
Pls try & help me out with this problem ..
Thanx a lot .

Pls mail me the reply to this thread as i have posted this thred in many of the forums & it would be time consumig for me to kepp checking all the forums everyday for the reply .
So ... kindly reply to this adress S<snip>
Thanking u once again .
Take Care .

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And, when you're successful, your ISP will cancel your account, but it will be worth it because you learned something...

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