Hello all - I have a problem with my wireless connection for my Dell Inspiron 1600. Using Windows XP and a Nelnet wireless router.

Ok so for starters I'm pretty sure I had a virus - my computer was running slow and program errors were popping up due to missing files etc etc...a couple weeks after I noticed my computer would not load properly and the screen would stay black and not proceed to windows. So I did a system restore and presto IT WORKED!

BUT - my wireless internet is not working!!! It says its connected at full strength but when I try to use Mozilla or IE I receive the "cannot find page" error. I've tried to run a hard line to the router and that doesn't work either...I have a second laptop that works perfectly both wirelessly and hard lined. I tried re-installing the driver, didn't work. I tired connecting to another wireless connection, didn't work. Unplugged/reset the router and that didn't work. I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO - I would format but Dell didn't supply me with my windows disc. Any suggestions - I've attached some screen shots for you all to look at. Thanks alot!