Not real versed in the computer world but need it for work , Have a toshiba sattelite a135-s2246--- use a sprint air card for my internet service since I travel with my work . No problems with the useage till this last week . I turned my computer off for the nite and when I tried to use it again I got a message TCP/IP protocol not installed. I have spoken with the sprint techs by phone (cell phone) with no sucess and taken the laptop to a shop with equal results . WOnder if anyone out there might be able to help me e mail is <EMAIL SNIPPED>


Who installed your card...if you did it yourself, you can try uninstalling it and then re-installing. Otherwise, you're going to have to reload the TCP/ip protocols and you will learn a lot more than you'll likely need to know about your computer if you try it yourself. Not to worry, somebody here will try and help you...

But if I were you, I'd run it by a Sprint store and let them fix it...but a franchised store might not be able to help you unless you get lucky...go to a Corporate-owned store and they'll have a tech.