I've recently bought a linksys wireless n router, then it failed completely (i assumed a power outage fried its eeprom?) so I bought another (same one). This one works fine, except it randomly drops my wireless connection about once per day for about 15 minutes. What would cause this?! I don't think it's interference, since I have tried unplugging the nearby microwave and all my apartment walls are concrete. Also, it doesn't seem to matter how close I am to the router, the connection still drops.

When it is dropped it sometimes says I am connected with local access only, and I can access my file shares on my other (wired) systems, just not the internet. Other times I can do neither. The firmware on the router is up do date, and as far as I know, the network is set up perfectly. It's a little embarassing being a computer engineer and having such rediculous problems with such a basic wireless router. Has anyone else had this, or a similar problem? And possibly found a solution? Thanks!

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If the router is recycled, for example, by a power outage, the IP will be different when it's restored. So I'm thinking if the IP is different after your outage, then the ISP must be dropping you and you can complain. If it's the same, then you've got a router problem. As long as you're not actually having a power outage...this you can cure with a UPS.

btw, over a few years, I'm on my third Linksys router...they're cheap and sometimes fail but...they're cheap.

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