Ok first of all the whole setup worked. Winows xp pro SP 2

I have seven Pc's talking to a hub but I set it up some time ago.

One Pc stopped seeing ist wireless network card so I remove it and reinstalled it. The connection is forver looking for an IP adress and when I set static IP's it connects but it does not Ping the hub.

So just to check on the settings I went to pc No2 that was working perfectly up to that point.

In Control panel I chose "Setup wireless network" Then I went next next next all the way through without changing anything. In fact all I wanted to get was the WEP Key to make sure.

After that Pc No2 does the same thing as Pc no 1.

So to shorten the question. What do you need to re- enter after you did a reinstallation of a wireless network (without changing anything)? The system must be leaving something out or erasing a setting.

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Well after I tried everything I eventually decided to restart the hub.

That solved it.

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