I have been working on a computer at work and can not get it to access the internet via url. I can type in an ip address and access it. Same goes for pinging. Ip's I can ping URL's I can not. My IP address and DNS is set up the same on all the computers but for some reason this one is giving me problems. It started a couple weeks ago I believe the worker on the computer found a DNSChanger trojan on it. Now I have ran SuperAntiSpy, CCCleaner, SmitfraudFix, winsockfix, lspfix, and a few other programs. I ran the Exterminateit and it found a Fopm in the registry but that I can not get rid of but not sure if that is the problem.
Anyways I can go into msconfig and disable all services reboot and I have access to the internet. I compared the services to another computer that is working and I don't see any big differences there. So I guess what is my next step. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
Forgot to mention I can network to other computers in the company.

Just wanted to update everyone on this issue. I ended up downloading Avast Anti virus software. I did a boot up scan. After it went through that everything works perfectly. Still have to go back and check my security and everything but after 4 days of mind numbing work I was able to access the internet again.