One computer w/ Win XP-home wired to a router. Router runs DHCP & assigns Ip addresses. Comp can ping other computer and can browse internet. Cannot even view contents of Network Places: acts as if it's unclickable.

Second computer Win XP Pro 64 bit can view Network Places & see all computers there but clicking on them returns a message that "you do not have access to view...". This computer can access the internet and can only ping itself. Windows just installed today on this computer.

Both computers have sharing set and are members of same workgroup. Removed Norton using Norton removal tool but that didn't help. Believe somehow router has firewall set which blocks all access but dont know how to punch thru firewalls.

Router firewalls don't filter traffic on the internal network, just traffic comeing from the outside in. Make sure the Windows Firewall isn't enabled and try again.

Significant progress.
Windows Firewall is turned on, both computers can ping each other. Turned off Nero Backup scheduler & turned on Netbios over TCP/IP

Host computer (WinXP-Home) still cannot browse Network but can map a path to shared drive.