I was having the same problem as the original poster. I could ping just fine but couldn't get IE or Firefox to connect to the internet. I also couldn't get other applications such as AVG to update.

I didn't think the winsock could have been the problem since I was able to ping but I downloaded the WinSock XP Fix from Spychecker (also available at many other download sites) and it fixed the problem! I was going to manually remove the winsock settings and reapply a fresh set, but the WinSock XP Fix did it much more efficiently.

I'm so glad I found this thread!


hi i m getting problem in asp.net app , i have created web service app & hosted it but when i m trying to access same web site using IP add but i m not able to access ...

Today, I've fixed my problem with this ping that works only on IPs,but the browser is dead.
Actually, the ping worked only for IPs but not for addresses.. I've read averything but it didn't helped. So,two computers, one linked on a cable ISP,the other linked through LAN with the first by cable.ASUS A7N8X E Deluxe, YUKON LAN, unistalled the YUKON LAN,and than, from Device Manager->Network Adapters->Scan for Hardware Changes, it found my Yukon motherboard incorporated LAN,did install again with my OS XP SP3 drivers, and afterwards, just opened a browser and the page did load with no problem.Didn't made any settings to the LAN IP,it just tooked it jst obtained the IP address automatically,so the problem was somewhere in the LAN driver, because the problem appeared when I was changing my Internal network number in IPX/SPX config and my frame type from Autodetect to EthernetII for a game to work in the network. Hope it will help others.So, just reinstall the LAN again.


My experience with not connecting to the internet on my pc is reseting the modem,router,etc obtain ip addresses automatically rather than manually(connections) will sort matters out

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