Hey all, just to see here. I have a WRT-160N Router. Have had it for about a year now. It worked fine both the ethernet port and wireless till about a week ago. My wife noticed she kept loosing her VPN connection to work. After resetting the modem and router, it worked again. She got a strong signal. After about 9 / 10 hours the signal would become weak again. Okay, so i tested it on my laptop. Turned on my wirelesss card and used it downstairs away from the router. Had no issues for about 9 hours then just kicked off the net.
Hmm, after resetting the modem and router again. Checked the signal and I couldn't even detect the network. so without moving, I shut off my wireless card and plugged in the ethernet cable. BOOM, worked fine. Went upstairs on my wife's notebook, checked her signal. very weak and tried to connect. Doesn't even detect it. I mean, we haven't moved the router nor our notebooks from where we usually use them. I'm guessing it's a hardware issue with this Router. Anyone else have this kind of issue?



Sounds like a hardware issue to me as well. New firmware might do the trick but you will probably be shopping for a new router soon.