I recently set up a new account with Comcast. I set up the new cable modem I got and it's currently connected to an old laptop I plan to donate to Goodwill. My roommate and I both have laptops equipped with wireless cards and we want to be able to roam around our apartment while using the Internet. The modem does not come with a wireless router so I am looking into getting one. However, from past experience, the modem is connected to the router with an ethernet cable and the router is connected to a computer, generally a desktop. I will not have a third computer for long. Is it possible to have the wireless router be connected to the modem and still share any internet connection?

Hi DaMoogle,
Generally once your modem is connected to a wireless router, you don't need a third PC.
Both of your laptops should should pick up the wireless network that has been set up on your router!
To set up the wireless network on your router you will need it to be connected to a PC, just follow the instructions that come with the router. After that has been done, the modem and router can sit anywhere within the home. I hope this clears it up for you a bit ;)