I have a WRT600N router and it is working great except that it keeps slowing down on download.

I have been trying to get some help from Linksys for the past two weeks but all they can tell me is they have never heard of this.

I have 8MB download after I cycle power. After a week it is less than 1MB, after one day it loses about a meg. Every time I cycle power it goes back to 8MB.

The router is out of warrenty so I am willing to buy a new one but the reviews on the 610 are so bad and after not being able to get any help from Linksys I am thinking of getting a different brand.

Hi, I'm not sure what you mean by "slowing down". Do you mean your inbound bandwidth drops the longer your router stays up?

I have two high-level suggestions: flash to the latest Linksys firmware and if that doesn't work, flash to third-party firmware - DD-WRT or Tomato. If you do either of those, make sure you read the instructions VERY carefully and know exactly what you need to do (such as the 30-30-30 reset for DD-WRT).

I had a WRT54G that I was about to replace because the wireless would lock up every few days. I put DD-WRT on it and now it works like a charm. I even added a couple heatsinks to keep the internals cooler.