Hey everyone.

Just found this sight, tried a search. Im too noob to understand what anybody is talking about :rolleyes:

Ok heres the deal. I have a Win XP Service pack 2 PC and a Belkin Wireless Router.
The router is set up fine, and obviously i can connect to it and get on the internet, browse, play online games etc. But im having trouble with p2p programs.
Specifically DC++ (http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net/)
I can download a few things but it seems im only able to connect to certain users. I dont have the ufll access i had before.

Its set up to use uPnP (whatever that is) and i turned the function on on my router. Made sure windows firewall wasnt interfering set up windows uPnP in the Services.(basically followed thr faq on the DC++ website) but the program wont recognice the uPnP and asks me to set up my NAT settings manually...

I dont have a clue how to find these NAT settings. Ive come to a dead end.. any help anyone can give me on finding these settings.. I think i know where to put them in my router set up..




Sorry Stretch, but.....

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I'm afraid I have to lock this thread.