Hello All,

Below is an issue I am having. I have a large home that I have now run cat5 to a second wireless router downstairs in an attempt to get my living room pc to be able to access the internet and files on my home pc. The home PC is directly connected to one router (Linksys 610n - dd wrt) and the second router which the living room pc is wirelessly connected to (DIR655) is plugged directly into the 610n. This has given me fantastic signal all throughout my house but has eliminated my ability to connect to the HOME PC with all my music files etc...

All PC's are running Windows 7 Pro, here is a breakdown:

Modem -> Linksys 610n (ddwrt) ( IP)

610n -> LAN to DIR 655 ( IP setup)

610n -> Lan port 1 to HOME PC with Hard drive storing all files

610n -> Wan -> two notebooks

DIR655 -> WAN -> Living Room PC

DIR655 -> WAN -> PS3

DIR655 -> WAN -> XBOX360

I am trying to get the Living PC, PS3 and XBox360 to be able to connect with HOME PC which contains all the files (audio, music etc...)

I'm not sure I follow all that, but, in General, to use two routers:
Assign a fixed IP to the second router outside the range of the first.
Disable DHCP on the second router.
Connect from Router 1 to a Lan port on router 2.
Post ipconfig from a PC on each router.