how would u because my brother and I are having trouble

are there any links?

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You need to tell me how you have tried networking the 2 computers. Are you just trying to network them so that you can share internet or are you wanting to share resources. Add some details. Are you using a hub? If you are networking to share internet and you are not using a hub or switch then you will need 2 ethernet cards in one of the computers... the one that is going to be hooked to the internet.

let me know some details so that i can help you out.

we want to be able to share a printer
we dont know how to set it up in the windos 2k

A little more detail on your setup would be helpful, but I'll give it a shot.

First your network setup. Are the 2 computers networked at all? If not, then you'll need a switch or a router. If you want both computers to have internet access you will need a router, if not, then just a switch will do. Also make sure the computers are part of the same workgroup.

Next, connect and install the printer on one of the PC's. Once that is done, go to start>settings>printers This window will show the printers you have installed. Right click on the printer you want to share and click sharing. Check the bubble to share this printer. Click apply and ok.

On the other computer, go to start>settings>printers and double click add new printer. The add new printer wizard starts.
- click next on the welcome screen
- choose to install a network printer
- you can tell it what printer you want to connect to, such as \\computername\printername
the computername will be whatever the name of the computer is that the printer is physcially connected to. The printer name will be the share name you selected when enabling printer sharing.

- or you can select browse for a printer and click next, the printer should then show up in a list on the next screen.

- after you have the printer selected it will prompt you to install drivers fro it, click yes

-select yes or no to make the printer the default printer
- click finish

You should now see the shared printer in the printers window.

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