Have a wireless access issue for a Toshiba Laptop and an installed internal wireless adapter. The following is found.

- IP config recognizes the card
o MAC address noted
o DHCP enabled
o Auto Configuration: YES
o Media State: Disconnected

- Device Manager
o 802/11b preamble: Long & Short
o Map registers: 256
o Network Address: not present
o Power Save Mode: Off
o Radio Status: On
o Scan valid interval: 60

- Diagnostics
o Card: not enabled
o Client adapter: not associated to an access point
o Card: not authenticated
o Client Adapter: not configured

- Note: use system preferences [network icon] to set client adapter network configuration
I write to inquire about the following:

In the device manager… can one manually enter a network address? What would be the syntax? Can this be determined from router interface information? Not sure what would/should be entered.
This is a Vista Ultimate machine… Not sure where system preferences is in the context of the diagnostic report. Not sure what network icon is being referred to… Guidance sought