Here’s my situation: I have a D-link DIR-615 router that I’ve had for a little less than a year. I unplugged it one night as a lightning storm rolled in, as I’ve done a dozen times before, and plugged it back in the next day to find it not working

The pc activity light on the modem would flicker, but no internet.

I started with firmware 3.10, then upgraded to 3.12 from d-link.

I can get to the web interface, but no internet connection – this is all over a LAN connection.

So I tried DD-WRT, again the same thing, can get to web interface, but no interface. Did I brick the router??

I noticed that after I upgraded to 3.12 from D-link the router got pretty hot, not sure if it was supposed to do that. And even before it broke, the internet got successively slower it seemed each day leading up to it just completely stopping working. Is there a fix for this? Or did the router just go bad???

may be your router is damaged so you better contact the vendor of router.