I have a small network of 4 computers all having windows xp pro sp2 installed.

i have a dsl connection which i share across the network using ICS in xp. the dsl is connected thro a adsl modem to a ethernet card in the server.

The setup was working fine for a few days. now i get page not found error problem both in ie and firefox only on the client computers. i can reach the page after 2 or 3 tries. this happens if i click a link on a page. if i type the same on the address bar it works fine. the host is working fine and has no problems

i have checked the network setup, mtu settings, default gateway, dns settings, firewall settings in the host etc. i have checked for viruses in the host also. the host is running norton but not norton internet ecurity.

kindly give some advice for the above

thank you


Sounds like you need to 'clone' the ethernet address that you get when you connect ONLY 1 PC directly to the DSL modem (copy it down after you do that) ...you clone this ethernet address in your 'routers' software.

I posted other replies out here for others, hopefully this was their problem and yours...if so please let us know. If not, please let us know. Good luck.

I don't have the link here in front of me, just view some of my other posts and the link will be there.

Even though I have a linksys router, any router would be done in a similiar fashion, even if some of the menu's on the router are different because it is a different manufacturer....good luck and please let us know if you succeed or not!

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