I'm moving into a new apartment complex with wireless road runner. I've been told I can only access this wirelessly but my desktop and xbox 360 are without wireless adapters. I have a linksys wireless-g 2.4ghz router that is wired to these two devices now and is set up wirelessly for my two laptops. I'm not exactly an IT expert but I'm wondering what would be the best setup for my new apartment without massive bandwidth loss that would make gaming on my 360 futile and downloading large files incredibly irritating. And of course the most cost effective solution would be best (An XBox 360 wireless adapter runs $75-80).

Should I setup a bridge to receive the signal and leave the 2 devices wired? Should I buy a wireless card for the desktop pc and somehow use that as a gateway to the router where I can split the signal? With these I'm worried about bandwidth loss by sharing a signal over multiple machines.

Or should I just buy wireless adapters for both machines and leave it like that? I've yet to ask if I have a restriction on the # of devices logged onto the network at one time.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

You are in any case sharing bandwidth across several machines. Is your worry about the drop from 100Mb per wired link to 54Mb wireless across all links?

My instinct would be to put the router into bridge mode and leave the rest as is.

I guess I really was wondering if it's a hassle/expensive to set up a bridge (considering I've never looked at running one before). Or if a repeater would be better/cheaper. I know sorta what I'm doing but not really. Just looking for some helpful tips/tricks. Thanks.