I have a goflex seagate network hard drive that only has LAN interface to the router but not usb to connnect to other computers. How can I set up read only permissions for a particular PC in my LAN? By default, all computers in the LAN have read and write access.
Any idea is welcome.


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i assume you can do it the same way as you do for any other hard drive.

i need more info, do you already know how to set permissions?
if yes, then what happens when you try?

if no, then there is a few steps involved...


It does not work the same way as for a usb or an internal had drive.
I still do not know how though.


for permissions, right click the drive icon and then choose 'security' tab.
there are many different settings and buttons, don't be afraid to read & click.
just remember:
deny overrides allow, so if you lock yourself out, you might need to take ownership from the 'advanced security settings' button

if there is no 'security' tab, click 'organize' from a window,then 'folder and search options', 'view' tab, scroll down& unclick 'use sharing wizard'

if your OS is not windows7: words may be slightly different, but basically the same steps.

some more stuff to look at:
network and sharing center->change advanced sharing settings
network and sharing center->see full map

let me know how it goes or if questions

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I already tried to deny permissions but the system does not let me change permissions on the drive icon or in any of its folders.
Thanks anyways

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