I'm brand new to this site, so unfamiliar with protocol.
Since the letters are on the screen, I'm connected ...
for now. Full story is long, but in case someone recognizes the problem and has a solution...
Using wireless MS kit (MN-610, MN-500 router and MN-510 USB wireless access point) for 802.11b connection to Time-Warner cable modem. Worked fine over a year. Now the connection slows or even stalls. MS broadband monitor claims connection is "Very Good" at 11Mbps even when stalled.
Have applied all cable company suggested fixes EXCEPT have not bypassed the wireless router - will do that this AM, but came across this site.
I think the problem started when I applied Service Pack 2. I lost all connectivity, could not resolve the issue, and used restore point to go back to SP1. Was so happy to have connection back I may not have noticed the problem.
Shortly later our basement flooded, taking out the PC that was ethernet connected to the wireless router. (So I no longer have the recommended setup for firmware downloads and connection maintenance.)
Specific questions:
1. Would losing the hard-wired PC affect a wireless connection?
2. From my problem description, does it sound more like hardware or Win XP issue? (I have checked all settings, disconnected firewall, antivirus, etc - but just now turned off power management of the USB ports - which the wireless adapter uses. Have not rebooted since changing setting.)
3. Since I played with settings, in most cases reducing bells and whistles, I no longer see the "little padlock" indicating SSL active. About WinXP says I still have 128 bit strength, but have signed on to Paypal and my online bank and there is no padlock. Ideas please.

Thanks in advance!

Will refresh my coffee and check back.
If no one has replied, I will likely be offline for a while as I unhook the cable modem and move it to this PC to bypass the router.

Did you ever try your connection by bypassing the router? If so, what was the result?

Did you ever try your connection by bypassing the router? If so, what was the result?

Yes - that's what I'm on zzzzzzzzz now zzzzzzzzz
I'm switching from Road Runner to Earthlink and advised Earthlink that I would not be able to use the existing cable modem.

Any thoughts on a software setting that would cause this?
Like some mixup between cable modem and adapter WEP values. (I know, WEP is way out of date. I live in a small town so I don't lose sleep over it.)

Thanks for your reply!