hello everyone

I am newbie in networking. i have a question. I want to setup internet in my office with 30 workstations. i have 2 offices on the same floor and i want to connect all 30 computers. i want to keep 15 computers in 1 office and 15 in another. i have a wireless router (one WAN port and 4 ethernet ports) 2 switches of 15 ports each and 2 patch panels of 24 ports each. how can i connect all these devices and computers on the internet. tell me briefly regarding patch panels and switch connections according to my specifications.


Hire a network technician who has experience in wiring offices such as yours. The exact means to do so depends a lot on the physical plant, which only an on-site visit will clarify. And FWIW, I have wired offices with hundreds of users in the past, so I know something of what I speak.