I have a work network and all computers have the same workgroup name, but the workgroup is a part of whole bulding network.

I wanted to restrict access to on of the computers to only employees at the office and I enabled guest account on that computer an set a password to it.

after that all users who want to open that computer must provide the username of "Guest" and its password.

everything went fine...
but later computers with windows 7 installed always had the problem saying that username or password is wrong (while the password entered is the right one)

so what might be happened ??? and how to fix it ?
and is there another way to protect a computer in a workgroup from unauthorized access ?

thanks in advance

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There are two password levels with win 7, one is the actual user password and many are the times I have had clients swear their passwords were correct only to find that they had the capos lock on or were using the wrong password.

However id everyone is having this problem then you need to check that the win 7 workgroup password is the same on all the computers as the workgroup has to have a password as well in win 7.

thanks mjdodd ..
I've tried the password on 3 computers and caps lock is off
but what I'm talking about is not a password concerning the whole work group...

you can consider it as a password protecting access to that computer only
and that's what I meant with activating guest account and set a password to it !

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