my professor provided us with the java program so we could each compile it and run it on our computers. heres what i get:

socketProgramming$ java TCPServer <--------name of program
- TCP Server program started.
- Server welcoming at port #: 6789

im trying to connect to my professors terminal using her IP address but anytime I
type anything, it does nothing but show the characters.. please help

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how is that not helpful? all i want you to do is stand up for yourself, and stop depending on the advice of strangers


ok...i realize your username is new on Daniweb, and i apologize for such a rude greeting.
Did you notice how i am the only one who answered? it is becuase your question makes no sense. what do you mean "trying to connect to professor's terminal'

what do you expect to happen when you type anything , the characters not to show?
did you hit 'enter'

what are you trying to do? a remote logon?

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