I had to increase the password's number of charaters. Then I put a long and new password (same passord for server and client) to adminsitrator.
now I do not remember the password.help!

I know how to boot and reset the local password. but this is active directory. help???

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Do you have another account in the directory that is a member of the Adminstrator's group you can use to log in and change this Administrator account password?


no I put the same pswd to all admins. but have limited active directory password no use eh? don't tell me I have to format everything please


If you do a search on the web for "recover domain admin password", you'll find a few methods/tools you can use/download to reset the admin password. You should note that none of them are supported by Microsoft so you are on your own.

If this is a production system, I would caution you. However, if this is a test system, give it a try. I have used some of these methods before and they work. There are just no guarantees that you wont blow up Active Directory in the process.


To change te admin password, it would be done on the domain controller. I have not used that resource in the past.

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