hye guyz,im doing my final year project and the title is remote computer support tool.it is about
to view other laptop screen and detect the problem of the computer and list down it in a form type.
so to view the other laptop screen itz easy i had done it but remotely it can view only 1 laptop screen and how to send a troubleshoot application to the screen that i view.So guyz i ned ur because to view atleast 3 laptop screen and how to run a troubleshoot......guyz itz my final year project,so i ned ur help.....

Homework ,is not the normal function of this help forum ,but you never know someone might see different; and do your year end project for you

First it depends on what type tool you use there is one in particular that allows you to make a conferance and hence access more than one laptop at a time (software is called mikogo and best of all is that its totaly free) and for the second question every remote desktop tool has file transfer option where you can send files trough to your remote devices.So then its up to you and the type of problem your trying to solve on how you do it.Good luck and dont forget visit my blog for more info.


A tool that works on Windows, Linux, and other (BSD) systems is VNC (Virtual Network Computing). This lets you share viewing and control of your system with others, locally or remotely. I have used it for years for supporting clients when I was a consultant - since 2000 or earlier. I use it on my laptop to remotely access and control my workstation just like I was sitting in front of it! FWIW, my laptop runs both Windows 7 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3. My workstation at home runs Scientific Linux 6 (a clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux). I can also set up my workstation to create a virtual display environment for remote login and access using VNC - so I don't have to access the primary console, though I can still do that if necessary.

Yes. The overall process depends on thye tool you are using for the remote access. The most common used tool is "TeamViewer". It is easy to work with, I also have used it. You can try using it.

TeamViewer and VNC get my votes. Teamviewer is my new fav because of the native support for VPN and connections through NAT. VNC requires that you get yourself connected to the remote machine via route or VPN.

anypccontroller,anyplacecontrol much many softwares in the market which provids you the facility which you want ... redadmin one of those..