Okay so im having a problem with a computer ive been working with. Recently I had to change the wireless security password on my network. When I did so the network went from being completely stable to giving sparadic internet. I tried messing with the wires. Resetting the modem, router, and computer in turn. Giving them power off time. Released and renewed the ip on the computer. All the settings are set to automatic. Im running windows vista. Ive tried plugging the modem straight into the laptop and it seems to not take the internet through it or a network connection however it connects to the network fine wirelessly. Ive found a slight workaround which I dont know if it will help narrow down the problem. With the router settings page up if I release then renew the ip from the router settings page I get internet for about 2-3 seconds before it drops off again. I prefer not to have to buy a new router and get my isp to give me a new modem. Also When I did reset the network password I had to remove the old saved network settings and disconnected to reconnect with the new password. So maybe the pc was seeing both passwords still like a ghost image of the old one and the new. So I renamed the network to a new name and it was still having the issue. Help please.

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If you are trying to use the wired connection then make sure you turn off your wireless adapter. The system will not know which one to use and will stop sending and receiving on the netowrk.
If your having problems with the router then if nothing else try resetting the router to factory defaults and then connecting and entering your connection information again. Make sure if you have a user name set to connect you to your ISP that you know what that is before you reset the router. To reset most routers to original factory (out-of-the-box) settings you press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.

I did do a reset to factory defaults. Also the isp doesnt require a specific username to be entered. I was thinking I could try to replace the router because it doesnt seem to me like there is a problem with the cable modem if I have to release and renew the information with the router in order for the internet to work for a few moments. It is a slightly older router and Ive had troubles with it before. Any other recommendations besides replacing the router? Also do you think it could have to do with the cable modem and to have the isp replace it as well?

Have you made sure that this problem is not isolated with your Vista computer? Have you experienced the same issues with other mobile devices on your network?

Yes my wifes iPhone is connected to the network fine and also has no internet, or gains it momentarily as I do the ip release/renew cycles. As well as my pc can see the files from the laptop. So the Networking portion of the router seems to be working fine.

So while you are having this process, it would be good for you to do some more troubleshooting. For example, you may be connected to the wireless and can share files, etc.., but you have no internet at that moment. This would be a good time to log on the modem equipment to see if it reports that you are actually connected to your provider. Is it possible that your provider's connection is dropping, connecting, dropping,etc..? Your modem should have logs, basic tools, status, etc..

Try making a new internet connection on your PC. Delete previous one and re-build another one. As if not able to access on phone, there is surely a problem with the routher.

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