Hi all i have a tiny question
I have 5 IBM Blade servers running at my home using 1 external Static IP Address, is there any way i can forward certain ports to the different servers and people outside the network can access that Server instead of using DMZ on a router.

so say GAME Server = blade 1
Web server = blade 2
and so forth.

is this possible to do or should i invest in expanding my external services to use 5 internet connections


this question is still unanswered, i have looked on the net for more information but didnt help much.


It depends on the model of our perimeter router. Most recent models support inbond port forwarding. So what do you have?

With one external public IP address, port forwarding is logical option. You could also provide VPN services so external users can access internal resources but that solution is not likely to fit well based on your description.

It should not be difficult to do port forwarding on the router, you just have to specify what is the service that is accessed from outside and where it has to hit inside. For example port 80 traffic forwarded to port 8080 internally, and port 25 traffic to port 8081....single ip address though.

as JorgeM suggest you can do port forwarding like:

so GAME Server = blade 1 -->Private IP: --> Router Config, route Public IP port 8080 to
so to access game server would be: http://public_IP:8080

Web server = blade 2 -->Private IP: likewise in blade2, Router Config, route Public IP port 7070 to
so to access blade 2 (if it offers web) http://public_IP:7070

On your game server and blade 2 you must set those ports to listen for incoming connections.