OS is XP Pro on all computers. I have 3 stations, all plugged into a switch. All the stations have been added to my workgroup and File and Print Sharing has been enabled. The stations are S1, S2, and Server. Server has fileshares and printershares on it. S1 and S2 each have one printershare.

My issue is that S1 and S2 both see everything in the network, and have access to all shares. The server however can't. Nothing shows up in the workgroup and trying to manually access the other computers in explorer with \\S1 or \\S2 doesn't work.

I have also made sure that no firewalls have been turned on on any of the computers.

Any ideas on where I should look to resolve this?

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Reset your server and network

In order to be able to see the XP systems you will need to make sure a protocol is loaded on the XP based system. Go to Control Panel, Network Connections the right click on Local Area Connection and then select properties. When the box comes up look through the list for

NWLink IPX/SPX NetBIOS Compatible Transport.

This protocol is what lets two windows systems see each other and communicate. If it is not listed click the Install button just below the box and select "Protocol" you should see NWLink IPX/SPX in the list. Select it and click OK. It will take a second to load then OK the first screen and reboot the computer.

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