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If you were a physicist (my wife is - PhD in particle physics), then you would know the answer to this question! PhysNet, CERN, FermiLab, Argonne, SLAC, LBL... If you don't, then either you aren't a physicist (or student of the discipline), or you should be doing something else!

I apologize for being somewhat dismissive of your question, but it just does not compute!


To continue this...

Modern physics requires serious collaboration between people and groups world-wide. No one in the field works in isolation. Just to be clear, the world-wide-web was an invention of the high-energy physics community. Networking should be embedded in the DNA of modern physicists. Even my father, a physicist of the previous generation (he passed in 1991), was network-savy. Many physicists I know (and there are a lot of them, including Nobel-laureats) do network engineering frequently - they have to make sure that the data they are taking from their experiments get to the analytical arrays (computer clusters - sometimes counted in the 1000's of processors) in good order. This is part of the process of experimental design in this day and age. IE, if you don't understand networking, then you cannot perform as a modern physicist, purely and simply put...


i also agree with rubberman, bcoz i also physics student doing msc. Its good to have the knowledge of networking .

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