HI. I need clarifications coz im confused. In the public IP address, the classes. which is correct:

Class A: to or Class A: to
Class B: to or Class B: to
Class C: to or Class C: to
and so on...

are x.0.0.0 and x.255.255.0 the same?

And how can I compute IP address?

Thanks in andvance.!

Re: Public IP address Classes 80 80


A class A subnet contains 16777216 IP addresses. A class A network starting at would extend to and contain all of the addresses in that subnet (i.e.,, ....,,

A Class B starting with would extend to and would contain 65536 addresses (i.e.,, ....,, another example could be to (i.e.,, ....,,

A Class C contains 256 addresses and might be through . Which means the Class B starting at has 256 class C subnets:

Class C Network           Range
    1   -
    2   -
    3   -
    255 -
    256 -

Hope this helps.

Re: Public IP address Classes 80 80

Thank you sir for clearing my mind :)) your answer helps a lot!

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