For weeks I have had issues with an AT&T supplied 2wire modem/router.

It keeps constantly rebooting itself and so far has nothing to do with bad jacks (at&t changed them a few months ago) or power supply (I had that problem already and it has a newer one, also power supply issues have different symptoms).

But I had it calling at&t, always same steps and the issue comes back and as I have read, I'm not alone. The last thing I read is that the 2wire itself has that rebooting issue and apparently what makes it reboot could be attributed to the routing functiong of it. And it may occur from day 1 after you purchase it or later down the road.

I have a couple of extra routers just sitting pretty, I think I could just log into the 2wire and disable wifi all together. Then just hook one of my extra routers and connect it to the 2wire as if it was a plain modem and then do the "usual". Log into the router and configure it, then make sure my home devices are signed into the new router.

But I googled up that option and came across a vague "it's much more complicated than that". Can someone point out what's those other complications?

Thank you!

PS. I'm a junior in CS so I can more or less handle technical words, feel free to use them.

Other than that, if you have nothing helpful or your solution is "hire another service" or anything that rather avoids the issue and doesn't come near the information I am looking for, please do not bother to post.

Yech! I used to have an AT&T 2Wire as well, and it is an absolute piece of junk. I had them replace it with a Motorola Netopia device - been working for over 4 years now without a hiccup! Anyway, if you go into the configuration web pages for the router, you should be able to change its configuration from router to bridge. Then, just hook your netgear to that, and let it do the routing. I did that with a Linksys router (switched to bridge mode) to good effect. Anyway, it is worth a try. Assuming you are running DSL and not U-verse, it may be easier to just get a DSL modem to hook to the netgear.

A final note. I think you will need to connect a port on the 2Wire to the WAN port on the netgear router for this to work. You may need a patch cable to do that.

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