I got an itnernet wi fi connection. My moodem is not built in router. If I go to store to buy it many options availabe i couln't figure out which one is good for me. My internet speed is 6 Mbps and router are availabe in 54 Mbps,150 Mbps,300 Mbps.Does Interne speed depend on router speed.Please guide me which one i choose?
I have serch over the internet but i couldn't get my answer


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The router "speeds" you are describing sound like they are related to the WiFi not the router's WAN interface.


Does it mean i should choose that routher which will work fine with my moodem.Sorry I am not good in networking


Any router you buy today will be able to handle your 6mb ISP connection. Don't worry about that. Concentrate on the other router features you would want. Such as # of LAN ports, QoS, VPN, etc...


So, I am just going by experience here.. but most of these ISPs that provide modems, supply a unit that has two interfaces. One for the phone line (DSL) and the other as an ethernet connection. If your modem has an ethernet connection, it is meant for you to connect to a device that will be able to connect to the ISP via the modem.

When I first got DSL, my provider required me to connect via PPPoE. So I had a modem and originally connected this modem directly to a computer. Then on the computer, I installed the PPPoE software so I can connect to my ISP. Then, these routers started to become popular. A nice feature was that the router had a built-in PPPoE client. So, this would allow the router to make the connection back to the ISP and allow devices on the network to simply "route" through this router device.

If the modem has an ethernet 10/100 interface, and the router has an ethernet port meant to connect to a WAN, you shouldnt have any problems.

Again, the router manufacturers will market these routers, if they have Wifi) as 54 Mb, 150mb, etc... for their wireless network speeds. Most of these routers > 54 Mb will be compatible with 802.11 "N" and "G" wireless.

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