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Well... my PDU exploded the other day with a bang and a white flash, took out my entire rack and tripped the main breakers, so since I need to replace this anyway I was thinking of re-designing my home network.

At the moment I have two physical servers running (or at least they where running...), one server is for testing and so it shall have the OS re-installed on it every so often (not going to go down the VM route) and the other is used as a file server, and print server for backup and media streaming.

Now, I'm wanting to connect to these servers from the internet so that I can fetch and upload files as and when they are needed, and so I can remotely test things but I'm not sure how to connect to them. I can happily connect to one of them, by port forwarding on my router to the server but how would I connect to the second one? Is it possible to start an SSH session within an SSH session (My computer on the internet > SSH into Server 1 > SSH into Server 2 on the LAN)?

If I went down the VPN route, would I be able to do the same? Could anyone suggest how I should do this?

Thank you

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Have a look at Teamviewer.

Supports a range of Operating Systems including your Phone.

It's free …

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There we go, check this out. :-)

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Thanks for the suggestion BigPaw however I'm planning on running this on headless Ubuntu servers which I don't believe is possible with TeamViewer.

Thanks, I didn't realise you could run it headless.

Shall give it a try!

Yes, you can SSH while in a SSH session.

And no, TV without GUI (or WINE) is not possible.

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