I'm considering purchasing a second 4 port wireless linksys g router to use as a "router" instead of a "gateway". It will essentially connect to my other linksys router which already connects to the internet. I want it for the 4 ports to connect a few non wireless computers that are in one room.

I just wanted to make sure that once configured correctly, the computers attached through the "router", (or second router), will recieve their ip addressing from the first one.

My other question was, all of my computers are networked over the wireless currently, but all the computers that i want networked would be on the second router wired. Since they are in the same router would they work at 100 mb speeds or would they be forced to run to the first router and back making their speed 54 mb due to going through the wireless? Would creating a subnet fix this?

If im unclear, just let me know...


EDIT: Can someone fix the title to read "Using a wireless router as a "router""

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One thing to clarify first: how are you planning to connect the two routers together? There's a big difference between trying to simply cascade two routers via a CAT5 cable and trying to bridge them wirelessly.


They will be connected wirelessly. The second one will just act as a bridge to connect a few wired devices to toe main wireless router.


I went ahead and ordered a second wireless router so i guess i will find out whether or not it works. I'll post my results.


I think you'll have to flash the 2nd Linksys with a certain piece of 3rd-party firmware in order to get that to work; consumer-grade routers don't natively have the ability to wirelessly bridge to each other.
Here's some linkage to the firmware, as well as info on the whole concept:



what you're looking for is an access point in repeater mode. although getting a wire from the first router to a single location, and connecting it to a simple ethernet hub is much simpler, more effective secure stable and fast

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