Hi all, I am having a problem as described in the thread title.

Yesterday I got myself a TP-Link TL-WR702N Wireless N Nano Router. I have it configured as a wireless repeater but can't get the thing to work correctly. I am attempting to get it running using my laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium on it.

The problem is, I have it all set up but as soon as I reboot the device I no longer see it broadcasting a wireless SSID. It has 1 RJ45 port so I have been connecting to that. At first I got no response from it. I then changed my laptop Lan port from DHCP to Static IP and made sure the IP I set was within the range of that of the Nano Router. I was able to connect to it once only and set the password fro our sky router up on it. After rebooting it I can no longer gain access to it either wired or wirelessly.

I have had a good read of the instruction booklet that came with it but all it seems to cover is what the router is capable of rather that how to actually do it.

Any help will be greatly apreciated indeed.

An update, I can now access the Nano Router cabled and can ping it and the sky router but still can't get internet access on it. I can also access it's setup and that of the sky router via it.
As far as I can tell it should be working but it wont.

Any suggestions?

Problem fixed. I updated the firmware on the Nano Router and it now works perfectly. :)

i have a problem in configuring wired lan router to connect and configure to a wirelless DLINK DIR-412.
i purchase DLINK DIR-412 and send it to my mother house in the Philippines two years ago.. Because of the features that they can have an internet connection without wired Lan, they did not use DLINK DIR-412 for two years, and when i got home in the Philippines, i configure DLINK DIR-412 in an usb 3G Broadband.. i already update the firmware to a latest version and it works fine and well.. the rating for me is very good 100% it boost my usb internet connection..
then suddenly my friend offer me one slut of his wired land internet connection, if i will use the usb 3g broadband connection to DLINK DIR-412 i will consume 1000Php/month but if i will take the wired lan i will only consume 500Php/month, so i take the wired lan and use it..
the problem is i can not configure that wired lan to connect to a wirless router Dlink DIR-412, i went and enter to some forum and use their procedure but no effect, i cannot connect to an internet if i will use the DLINK DIR-412 to get a wireless connection... PLEASE HELP ME

What mode do you need to use it in? Repeater mode? Client Mode? AP mode? Or router mode?
It all depends on exactly what you want it to do.
You need to list exactly how you want to physically connect it.

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