my pc to pc network breaks,comes on breaks again etc,please what is the cause?thank you,enwan.

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Are you connecting with the ethernet adapter?

If so, Here are some of the troubleshooting steps.

try to ping the other PC...

Check whether you are getting a proper reply from the other PC.

If so, Check whether the ethernet cable is properly inserted.

if the problem exists even after that, try to use an different LAN cable.

Even after that if the problem exists then either one of the PC's driver may be corrupted or malfunctioning.(try to reinstall it).


test each PCs NIC as well by pinging the IP addresses assigned. Also PC-PC connection typically uses a crossover cable. Are you using a straight-through instead?


@mrgreen Modern NICs can tell if you're using a crossover or not and configure themselves accordingly - I've used both types of cable with no issues.
But if the OP's not got NICs capable of this, they should check it, you're right.


Just to add.... there is not enough information in this post at all. WE would need a lot more info. Start with, "How do you know it broke?". What are the symptoms? How is the network setup or how did you set it up? Describe the network to the best of your knowledge. Did you change/add/edit something before the network broke?


You need more pixie dust. I can see problems arising due to running low on it. Let us know if there is anything else we can help with!

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