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I have done B.tech in electronics and communication in 2012,i am doing job in IT field as Desktop Engineer and got CCNA certification in NOV 2012 but till now i couldn't get an edge on networking profile,is it really a slowly growth field? whether should i do higher certification or not?

Abhishek Tyagi

Re: Is networking field has good career growth opportunity 80 80

hello am nicholas
you having done CCNA certificate is a very good thing but not enough for you to be very competitive. I would advice you if possible you should add no a certificate of CCNP and network security. this will make you a better networker.
thank you.

Re: Is networking field has good career growth opportunity 80 80

During the years 2000-2005, certifications were highly sought after by many in the industry. Today, while certification still shows employers that you have passed rigorous exams, they are definitely not a substitute for experience.

I would recommend that yes, you continue on your certification path, but focus as much time as possible building your experience in the area of networking that you wish to grow into. If you are already employed in the IT field, ask for more work in that area from fellow colleagues. Work after hours, on weekends, get a part-time job, get an internship, do free work... whatever you can to meet other people in the field you want to end up in.

Re: Is networking field has good career growth opportunity 80 80

I agree. Certifications look great on resumes but overall no amount of schooling/certs can prepare you for some situations you come across during work-its all about experience and getting as much of it as you can. Other than that there are tons of areas of Networking you can go into based on your interests. Some of the areas include security, LAN/WAN infrastructure, voice, load balancing, etc.

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