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What password are you trying to retrieve? The WiFi password?

Simply log into your Router or Access Point and you will be able to retreive the password there.

If you are asking about retreiving a password for a protected WiFi network that is not owned or managed by you, then you are out of luck, at least with getting an answer here.


i mean that ..how can i get the password of wifi of other...if i knw the gateway and ip adress of requred computer..is any possible way to connect


JorgeM was trying to tell you, that if you are connected to the access point via wired ethernet, then you can use your browser to connect with the AP and retrieve the keys for the SSIDs that it uses. If you are using WiFi then you need to know the key (or your computer needs to know it) to connect, and then you can use your browser to connect to the AP's management front end. In either case, you will still need to know the admin password for the device.

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