Have a background in IT but did no cabling. Would like to practice the skill as I have a few boxes of 5e LAN cable , the clear 'nip' connector and the crimp tool. I am aware that CAT6 is available but do not want to waste these items.
Looking for the best pictorial guide on how to cultivate this skill.

Saw a network engineer post at http://www.justanswer.com/computer/6mqew-saw-trick-double-internet-speed.html

Guidance sought

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What are you trying to accomplish? You want to learn how to build patch cables?

If you have CAT5 cable, you can use it to support up to Gigabit ethernet. If you had 10G Ethernet, then you would use CAT6 cables.

The only way you could double your speed would be to run a separate cable and configure your switch to treat the two ports as one single 2GB port and have two Network ports (bonded) configured on your computer. This is not going to do anything for speeding up you home networks connection to the internet as it is controlled by the speed of your modem. JorgeM is correct that cat5e will work with 1GB networks (Cat 5 will for very short distance) you probably just need to upgrade your switch to a 1GB switch or router and your internal LAN will be much faster. If you have 100MB switch then all traffic is limited to 100MB.

Thanks for the sharing a informative link.

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