Dear Friends,
I am Anes , doing M.Tech in Cyber Security. As part of our syllabus lab program in "Information Security Lab" we have an experiment "Implementation of proxy based security protocols in C or C++ with features like Confidentiality,Integrity and Authentication" . Actually I am in dark now . My doubt is
1. What are the proxy based security protocols for same purpose (Confidentiality/Integrity/Authentication)?

Please answer me it our exam is 3 days more


3 days eh? Good luck! How long have you had this assignment?

So, the three issues are:

  1. Confidentiality (no snooping)
  2. Integrity (someone cannot compromise the thread)
  3. Authentication (you are you, and I am not you, but you can determine who I am)

So, you get to figure out how to implement this in C or C++ (I vote for C++).