I am looking for some help in connecting a laptop to my wirelss modem. To give anyone who might read this article a better understanding of the problem let me breifly inform you of how the problem came about.

I am trying to self teach on the workings of computers etc... I was asked to have a look at a friends laptop as it was running so slowly that I simply couldnt do much unless I had a spare day and that was just loading it up.

Every time I tried to do anything it would crash. after several attempts to reboot it showed the option to proceed through safe mode, which i did. From here I discovered no anti-virus or malware protection other than the windows generic protection, all of which had been disabled.I ran disk clean up and removed all files and programmes on the three account users. I then restarted the machine and it ran absolutly brilliant but I noticed that it now wasnt connected to the wifi. I have tried everything in my limited knowledge to fix this but i am not yet able to discover where if at all I personally am going wrong. The laptop claims it cannot find any signal on one attempt and on the next shows a stong signal but will not connect.

The Laptop is an Advent which runs with Vista. The driver for the wifi capabillity of the unit is, if am not mistaken a realtek, but I am unsure of the correct settings for the driver to be set up to properly recognise the SSID or the correct option to choose if this is wrong.

As I said, the more intricate and technical details are at the moment my weaker link, any help or point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.



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first check device manager, right click on [my]Computer go properties ,you will see device manager on the left .open it , hit the + by network adapters , in there you should see at least 2 device one for wired and one for wireless ,the wireless one should show WIFI in the name .if it not there then you will need to install drivers from Advent website ,you will need the exact model # for this ,usually found on the bottom of the laptop

Any Idea why decice discovery might be blocked?

Any Idea why decice discovery might be blocked?

never heard of it ,when do you get the message

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