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Hello, a few days ago at my business I everyone lost the ability to drop/copy and paste files to the server's Desktop folder from the other computers in the network.
They can do so to each other, except for the server. In that case, we need to drop the files in the Public folder.

Any ideas?

All computers run with windows 10

Thank you!

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Actually that sounds right. The Desktop folder should be protected for many reasons. One example I gave Microosft years ago was how to lock out an user by placing a corrupt jpeg on the Desktop. Maybe they finally got around to fixing that in the usual way.

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I was suggesting that to my partner but he's hell bent it used to be possible until last week (We upgraded to Win 10 months ago). I would not know since my desktop is the server itself.

Remember that I'd have to know a few things. To me, drop to desktop means in this context to drop to the user's Desktop folder. I was in Redmond long ago to show what I thought was a bug. That is, copy certain files to the Desktop and Windows would lock up on login. Microsoft's answer back then was "don't do that." Maybe they fixed so that network shares can't be that folder?

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Yes, it can be done among other members of the network except for dragging and dropping or copying and pasting to the server's desktop folder from another computer in the network.

I broke partership with my ex-business partner because he was literally b$tching that I get it fixed...

OK, that's clearer. I take it you are a seasoned networker and Windows Guru. You need to check the ACL of the user of what you are calling the server Desktop FOLDER. As you know this folder exists in each user's home directory and to copy to the desktop (which is a very bad idea due to how I can blow up your account by copying in one file&!!) so you need to check that the user that is copying in has rights and is in the ACL. Or you can just write fudge it and add the Guest account to the user list (ACL again.)

&!! = Hey, Microsoft never fixed that lockup issue in over 2 decades. So if you want to run with scissors here and let one wrong file in this folder blow up your business, who am I to tell you it's a bad idea?

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