A new institute is rcquired to sctup a computer network with 700 students and 50 cmployccs. There are total of 1000 computers in the facility. In addition, there are 10 servers for various data saving purposcs and 2 online printcrs available in ccnter for students l there are two laboratory facilities with 100 computers, thrcc laboratory facilitics with 150 computers, and rest of the computers are in common IT center. The servers are placed in a special room, which can be access by limited number of people. Each laboratory has an identical network address In addition, students and employees are already been provided network login accounts, where national identity card number is used as user name. The institute also provides an identity card to students and employees, which has a magnetic strip to store data. network setup for the above premises, and steps to improve the overall network security of the computer network in the above institute.

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