hi my name is tyler i own a linksys wireless-g broadband router, and i just inherited a hp pavilion lap top. i try to search for my network connection throught the lap tops wireless, and i do find it so i connect to it. and when i do it says limited or no connectivity next to the ssid. even when i'm about 2 feet away from my router. and i cant figure out what the problem is. now im only 16 and know very little about computers. so if anyone reads this please help me out. i would be much obligued. i rarely look at this site so if its not a problem could u send the message to my e-mail which zsboss@sbcglobal.net thank u very much!!!!

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i rarely look at this site so if its not a problem could u send the message to my e-mail

First of all, you shouldn't encourage people to send you suggestions to your email address. Since this is a public forum, if someone posts here, it may help the next person who has the same problem and sees this thread.

Since this issue is common, I'll give you a few links to some threads where people have been experiencing problems similar to yours:

In short, you should make sure that you have the latest firmware updates installed on your router, latest Windows updated, try disabling wireless security for testing purposes and any firewall on Windows, and using msconfig, disable Zero wireless. This is all discussed in the threads above. If you still can't get it working, then you should call Linksys tech support.

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