Hey everyone!

i've got a laptop (xpsp2) and a computer (xpsp1) connected to a wireless router, and have had no issues for a while, but it was only today when my computer decided to act funny. i had left it on and hadn't touched it for at least half an hour, then a message popped up at the bottom, claiming that i cannot use a high speed network adapter in a non-high speed USB port (or something along those lines).

as i said, this was entirely out of the blue, with no reasonable explanation as to why this happened, as no-one had touched the computer in over 30 minutes.

a while later the connection started to constantly disconnect, then re-connect, again and again, and even if it stayed connected, it was impossible to open web pages or do much else without "server cannot be found" slapping you around the face.

i tried a system restore, but now it has gotten to the point where the computer totally freezes if you plug any wireless adapter into it. Windows fails to open if the wireless adapters are still plugged into the USB ports also.

Can anyone offer a helping hand? and thanks for your time :cheesy:

At first glance I'd say you should run your Windows updates. Windows XP SP1 had some bugs, so installing SP2 would be a good idea. Of course, there's the problem of how to get Ethernet to it, so you may want to download the Service Pack on the laptop and the burn it onto a CD, and then use that to install it...

If Service Pack 2 installation doesn't fix anything, check out the Device Manager under "System" in the Control Panel. If there's anything with a yellow !, then you may have to reinstall drivers for your USB ports. The files can somtimes get corrupted.

Hope this helps