Hello, I have a problem when I first turn on my computer, my wireless internet doesn't connect automatically but has a little icon that looks like this: :!: over the tiny computer connection icon. I then have to right click on it and press repair to get it to connect. Is there a way where I can get it to connect automatically without me having to repair it everytime I have to reboot? Thanks and I hope I have described the situation well enough.

Please give us a few more details to work with:

* The make/model of computer and wireless card.
* The version of Windows.
* The make/model of the wireless router/access point/whatever that the wifi card is connecting to.
* What kind of wireless security (WEP, WPA, etc.), if any, you are using.
* Whether you are letting Windows handle the wifi card's configuration or are using the configuration utility software supplied with the wifi card.
* Whether the wifi card is configured to obtain your TCP/IP info (IP address, subnet mask, gateway IP, etc.) automatically via DHCP, or has been manually configured with that info.