I got a Buffalo Air-station G54 broadband router and I'm trying to connect it with my home main network connection which is in my brother's computer room. He is using a air-link wireless broadband router which is connected to the Embarq dsl system. My question is "is it possible for me to use my buffalo air station G54 broadband router as a wireless adapter to connect with my brother's air-link wireless broadband router? I've tried to find some solution of how to fix this but I still can't.

I'm using LAN to connect the buffalo broadband router to my computer and I have no idea what is the next step..
Can anyone please show me the next step.

I believe that you want to build a WDS (Wireless Distribution System), connecting you Airstation as a wireless bridge with your brother's airlink?

This is sometimes difficult depeding on the routers. Some requiere to input MAC addresses and to change some wireless advanced values.

I've found a user's manual for a Buffalo G54 router, check it out, look for the WDS bridging section (page 67).


Good luck.