I have seached this forum but have not come across any similar topic, so I hope i'm not repeating anything here.

Lately I have been playing around a bit with the apache server, and aquired a 2nd computer with a reasonable connection (20480/2048 - no limit)

I am looking to buy a rooter before setting up a home network. (no wireless)
The idea is to settup a network with my main working pc wich uses with windows, a testing computer and a LAMP web/ftp server. Later on I would probably setup an intranet to.

can you plz recommend some routers that would be good for this kind of network? Also good compatibility with bitorrent is desired.

(small but maybe not so unimportant detail: will be working with static ip)

Thanks in advance ;)

I would recommend a Cisco ASA 5505. It's not as plug and play as some traditional home offerings, but Cisco's documentation is very good. It is a firewall appliance that has a built in 8 port switch so you can connect multiple devices to it. You can set up vlans (virtual lans) to segment and public devices such as web servers from your back-end network.

Check out Cisco's website and do a search for the documentation for the Cisco ASA 5505. It should be one of the first links. If it looks like something you could handle it will put everything else to shame. If it's a little to hard then there might be some home user equipment that should suit you.